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Customer Comments

Here is a short list of testimonials from some of our customers…

It was our goal to create a more pleasant travel experience for passengers passing through our terminal. At JFK Terminal One we partnered with SCENT::LINQ to provide just that.Using their advanced scent diffusion systems we were able to provide a welcoming, calming fragrance to our visitors throughout the terminal while making it feel clean and fresh at the same time. We chose SCENT::LINQ’s fragrance Green Tea & Lemongrass to do this. The green tea aspects create a warm and calming atmosphere while the citrus aspects offer a clean and fresh ambience to the Terminal.We have had frequent positive feedback from our visitors and have found travelers more relaxed and comfortable within the terminal. The ongoing service provided by the team has been excellent.We would recommend SCENT::LINQ and their services to any potential business.
Steve Rowland | Executive Director of Operations Terminal One, JFK
When we started working with SCENT :: LINQ, we both were at the very beginning of our journey. Both brands represent firsts for each other. At the end of the 10-year journey, we don’t have any stores left without a scent. Our store fragrance has become indispensable for our customers. They remember us with our scent. Therefore, the scent we chose and created with SCENT :: LINQ was a very correct decision. Our scent reflected us very well and it represented us like a signature. By starting to work with SCENT :: LINQ, we made the right decision because they never let us down. They always responded to all our requests with a smile. Therefore, I can recommend working professionally with SCENT :: LINQ.
Orkun Olgar | SPX
We prefer SCENT :: LINQ because we can create a unique customer experience in our stores with our scent that reflects the spirit of our brands and which is specially designed in this direction. The main reasons for this partnership that has been continuing with pleasure for many years include the reliability of SCENT :: LINQ products, the availability of international certifications, regular product tracking, and [SCENT :: LINQ] always being solution-oriented and accessible.
Şeyda Malkoç | PVH Retail Development Manager
There are many ways in which brands address to senses on people. It is especially very important to appeal to the senses of sight, hearing and smell, which are the senses that people use during purchasing. While we appeal to the senses of hearing and sight with our store designs and the music we play inside, SCENT :: LINQ appeals to the sense of smell with its specially designed scent mixture, and enriches our 360 degree store experience. They make the necessary changes on time, and our 360 degree experience in our stores and even in our headquarters continues without disruption. At this point, we would like to thank the SCENT :: LINQ team for their best balance of service and product which is important to us.
İlhan Yılmaz | CEO of Monster Notebook
Today, as it is scientifically determined, “scenting” is seen as one of the tools for communication of corporate identity and leaves a mark in memories. In the hustle and bustle of our daily life, we wanted to meet with a clean and fresh scent for our guests to feel good from the moment they step into our hospital. We have been gladly working with Scentlinq for two years in the general areas of our hospital with their original scents and service quality. Best regards,
Yasemin Uygurmen | Operations Manager | American Hospital

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