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Ambient Scenting For Restaurants

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Effective Branding Strategy & Scents

Recent studies show that an effective branding strategy can promote customers’ emotional attachment to particular brands. Emotional brand attachment helps induce customers’ dedicational behaviors toward the brands and is therefore an important driver of the success of a restaurant company.

A considerable amount of studies also have demonstrated that it is necessary to make the ambience more pleasant and innovative to ensure the success of a company.

Facility aesthetics, ambience, and layout as dining environments has significant effects on the degree of customer pleasure.

Ambient scenting is the missing link to many restaurants.

SCENT::LINQ is helping you to achieve the pleasant ambience you desire, and turning customers into a true fan of your restaurants…

Our tastefully designed fine scent collection, with our professional ambient scenting service, is providing memorable ambiences and lasting brand loyalty to many restaurants.

Get your scent samples today...

Many restaurants prefer to work with us for their ambient scenting. Let us show you how we improve your ambience and your restaurants perception. Contact us to schedule a free demo and receive our scent samples.

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Our customers

scents that touch emotions…

Communicate your customers through the power of scents...

Let us show you, how creating emotional connection through scents can make a big impact on your business. Our ambient scenting services create memorable ambiences and lasting brand loyalty to many restaurants.

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